Raiders Helping Others


Raiders Helping Others (RHO) is a student group for students that live on campus at Texas Tech University. We focus on helping the community through community service while also working to develop our members into social change agents within their focus area. 

We elect our executive team in the spring semester, and then recruit new members at the beginning of the fall semester. We are happy to provide leadership opportunities to both freshman and upperclassman that live on campus. 

Our organizational meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5 pm in the training room of the Leadership Development Center in the Carpenter/Wells complex on campus.  

Students: Get Involved! 

Our members are asked to select one of our defined areas of interest and to actively serve on a committee that focuses their efforts around planning and implementing service within that category. 

While most efforts will be centered around planning service opportunities around your committee's topic, members may attend any service event.  This allows our members to become 'experts' about their area while still getting to help with any project they wish. We seek to not only help through service, but to become social change agents by first understanding the problems that exist within the community, and then working to address those problems through service and education. 

All Committees will: 

  • Plan one service event per month that benefits the community within this topic. 
  • Plan one fundraising event, or collection drive, each semester. 
    • Fall semester's collection/ drive will benefit a local charity
    • Spring semester's fundraising event will benefit Alternative Spring Break experiences 
  • Assist in planning one Alternative Spring Break trip centered around the committees' focus area 
  • Plan at least one opportunity per year to educate the campus community about the committees' focus area. 

Committees include: 

Committees were selected based on several factors including level of student interest & connection to member academic pursuits, prevalence of the cause and organizations within the local community, and the ability to support an Alternative Spring Break trip. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Raiders Helping Others