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Safe Treat

Every Halloween, Safe Treat allows families from around the Lubbock community to bring their children on campus for a safe and fun trick-or-treating environment. This event allows gives the Lubbock community an opportunity to see the spookier side of the Residence Halls in addition to giving our residents an excuse to decorate for the occasion.

While RHA sponsors free public transportation during the event and provides candy to all the residence halls, each complex council puts their individual spin on the festivities.

Safe Treat will be on Monday, October 30, 2017

6:00pm - 8:00pm 


  • During the event, visiting families may park in any Residence Hall "Z" Parking lot between 5:45pm and 8:15pm.  Signage is posted at the entrance to each parking lot. Please make note of which residence hall you are parking at as some halls look the same. 
  • Please be aware of signage within the lot indicating special areas or spaces. Such areas include "R-19" Staff only parking and "Service Vehicle" parking. These spaces are not available for Safe Treat guests. 
  • Parking is only permitted in designated spaces. 


  • Costumes are invited and encouraged. 
  • Guests over 14 years of age are asked to refrain from wearing costumes that cover their face, including masks and face paint. 
  • Costumes that contain weapons, or items that look like weapons, are not permitted. 

Other Items to note: 

  • Service Dogs are the only permissible animals within the residence halls. Please leave your pets at home. 
  • Most residence halls are 'Gun Free Zones.' If you have a License to Carry in the State of Texas, please be advised of signage posted at the entrance to each hall. 
  • If your child has a food allergy, please notify event volunteers. We have some non-food treats available. We can not guarantee that allergens, such as peanuts, will not be present. 
  • The Student Union will also host their "Tech or Treat" event on the same evening as SafeTreat. Tech or Treat will be hosted in the Student Union Building, across from the Knapp Hall bus stop. 

Participating Locations:

  • Most residence halls are participating in SafeTreat, including: 
    • Chitwood/Weymouth
    • Coleman 
    • Hulen/Clement 
    • Wall/Gates 
    • Talkington 
    • Horn/Knapp 
    • Gordon 
    • Stangel/Murdough 

Boo Bus: 

  • The Residence Halls Association operates 4 Boo Buses on a loop throughout the evening. The buses will provide shuttle service to designated stops outside of the residence halls between 5:45pm and 8:15pm. 
  • Boo Buses are yellow school buses marked with SafeTreat signage. Shuttle service on these buses is provided for free for all SafeTreat guests. 






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