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Howdy TECHsans and Red Raider Recyclers (R3s) are a group of roughly 250 students selected to participate in a leadership and community service program shortly before the residence halls open in the fall semester. These student volunteers are valuable components in helping to ensure a smooth check-in process for new students.

Howdy TECHsans and R3s volunteer during move-in weekend and at least once during Raider Welcome Week. Howdy TECHsans and R3's will be very heavily involved (all day) from Wednesday, August 16th until Sunday, August 20th. They will also be expected to volunteer at one Raider Welcome event between August 21st and September 1st. After that time, involvement in other activities and organizations is determined by each individual participant. This means that nearly all program expectations will end before the beginning of classes.

Howdy TECHsans are students selected to assist families with primarily administrative tasks within the residence halls. Examples include staffing cart check-out stations, decorating the residence halls, greeting families, providing directions, etc. Students in this role should be comfortable working with money, be attentive to detail on forms, and comfortable working with large numbers of people. They may also be assigned to support traffic flow and to provide directions in or around parking lot areas. Howdy TECHsans should be comfortable initiating contact with other students and family members as they arrive. 

Red Raider Recyclers (R3s) are students that are selected to assist families with tasks that are primarily on the exterior of the residence halls. Examples include greeting families, breaking down cardboard boxes, sorting recyclable materials, etc. Students in this role should be comfortable working with their hands, interacting with lots of people, and enjoy being outside.

Program Perks

Participants in the Howdy TECHsan program and the R3 program will receive similar perks, and will participate in the same leadership and social activities. The only notable difference between the two programs is the tasks that students will perform at move-in.

During the 5 day program, participants will:

  • Connect with incoming students
  • Participate in college success and leadership training sessions
  • Interact with and work alongside university staff
  • Help other students and families during the move-in process
  • Assist in facilitating Raider Welcome Week events
  • Receive free meals during the program
  • Get a free t-shirt
  • Move into the residence hall on Wednesday, August 16th - several days before everyone else

Program Eligibility

We are seeking energetic students that are excited to be living on campus. Ideal applicants should feel comfortable working with others, being around groups of people, and comfortable assisting others.

The Howdy TECHsan and R3 programs are open to any student living on campus at Texas Tech during the fall 2017 semester.

A limited number of spaces are available in each hall for both R3s and Howdy TECHsans. Applicants are encouraged to apply early for the strongest consideration. Highest priority will be given to those that apply by June 2nd.

Program Costs

The Howdy TECHsan and R3 programs are free to all participants. There are no program or application fees.

All participants will sign a leadership agreement highlighting expectations of the positions including attendance at all training events and volunteer shifts. Because of the large cost absorbed by RHA to sponsor this program, students that commit to the program, but then fail to arrive or to fulfill their expectations will be billed for all expenses the organization absorbed on behalf of the participant.

Complete the following form to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on June 5, 2017 and only a limited number of spaces are available. All applicants will be notified of their status at the time it is reviewed. Should you have questions about your application, please contact our office.

We ask that you do not submit multiple applications as only the first application will be considered.

Red Raider Recyclers

As a Red Raider Recycler (R3) you will have the exciting opportunity to help both others and the environment during residence hall move- in weekend. R3's will participate in all elements of the Howdy TECHsan program including the College Success Sessions, early move-in, meals, and social events. During the move-in weekend, R3's will be stationed outside of the residence halls to assist families and other new students.

Being an R3 is perfect for students that like to work with their hands, like to be outside, or love to help the environment by recycling. R3 tasks will include breaking down cardboard boxes, sorting recyclable materials, greeting families, providing directions, and providing information about sustainability initiatives on campus.

R3 and Howdy TECHsan applications can be located on the same form on this site.

Applications for 2017 must be received by 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017. 


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