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Officer Elections

Fall 2017 Vice President of Administration and Finance Election

Letter of Intent due: Monday, November 6, 2017 by 5:00PM

  • Letters of intent are short emails sent to informing the advisers and officers that you intend to run for the position. This allows us to verify eligibility before you get too far into the process. Please include the position(s) you intend to run for and your R number in this e-mail.

Bids due: Monday, November 13, 2017 by 5:00PM

  • A bid is a packet of information, given to all officers, advisers, and senators highlighting things like your strengths, goals, and related experience. 
  • You'll need to include a letter of recommendation. 
  • Not everyone will be able to attend the meeting where your bid is presented, so the document should be thorough enough for even those that are absent to know what you are wanting to accomplish and why they should vote for you. 
  • For a sample of a previous bid, check here.
  • More bid guidelines are included in the RHA Constitution and ByLaws


View Bids for the upcoming RHA election here: Election_Bids

Voting: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 7:00pm

  • Voting will take place during the RHA Senate meeting at the Carpenter-Wells Leadership Development Center. Only senators will vote. 


  1. Any resident who will have lived on campus for at least two semesters by the time he or she assumes office is eligible to run for an executive position (most recent semester must be in the residence halls at Texas Tech University).
  2. Candidates must have an adjusted GPA of 2.25.
  3. Candidates must be in good standing with Texas Tech University.
  4. Candidates must not hold any paid position in Housing or Hospitality when they assume office.
  5. Candidates may not be an officer of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) when they assume office.


The Residence Halls Association operates as a democracy. Five officers - the President and four Vice Presidents - lead meetings and organize RHA functions. The Senate votes on RHA legislation and represents all residents across campus. The information below describes the basic description and a few duties/responsibilities for each position.

For a complete description of the duties and responsibilities of each position, please see our constitution.


More than any other position, the president is the executive member that does behind-the-scenes tasks that keep the organization in order and is the officer that is responsible for the general wellbeing of RHA. The President is also the main Executive Officer for RHA and, as such, is expected to interact and collaborate throughout the year with various organizations in order to keep them abreast of RHA's activities.

This person needs to be willing to interact with large groups of people from varying backgrounds and organizations as representative of RHA. This person is also a lover of orderliness, as more than any other position they must ensure the other officers are keeping to task. Finally, the President is someone who truly seeks to develop RHA and take a strong stance in seeing through RHA's goals.

President's Duties:

  • Runs executive and senate meetings
  • Acts as Liason between RHA and Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Gives the opening speech at the Carol of Lights ceremony

President's Responsibilities:

  • Preside over meetings
  • Schedule regular meetings with Advisor(s) and executive board
  • Coordinate Complex Council training
  • Collaborate with the Student Staff Leadership Council (SSLC) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)
  • Plan one program per semester
  • Act as liaison to Housing and Residence Life

Vice President of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development

The VP of Campus Traditions and Leadership development is responsible for RHA's traditional programs, to include: Casino Night, Safe Treat, Carol of Lights, Mark Grecco Basketball Tournament, the Drag Show and Spring Fling.

The VP of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development should be passionate about expanding RHA's traditions. In order to be effective, this officer should have strong time management skills and a willingness to weild the largest portion of the RHA budget. He or she must be able to coordinate meetings and events effectively. This person also seeks to promote leadersihp in other students through proper delegation and training oportunities.

VP of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development Duties:

  • Coordinates, organizes and implements all RHA traditions
  • Collaborates with other organizations to plan the Drag Show

VP of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development Responsibilities:

  • Sit on planning committies
  • Work closely with VP of Programming and PR to plan the RHA calendar
  • Work closely with President to run the President's Council
  • Acts as Liaison to Complex Councils
  • Performs the duties of the RHA president in his or her absence

Vice President of Programming and Public Relations

More than any position, the Vice President of Programming and PR is expected to be a creative mind that is willing to try new programs - and plenty of them. This person must have a great deal of ingenuity, understanding of University policies, and a desire to see new ideas brought to Tech. Like the Vice President of Campus Traditions, this is a position that requires a great deal of event planning and time management skills. This person is also interested in furthering the name and goals of RHA through publicity, which means communication skills are necessary. Finally, this is someone who is passionate about RHA and seeks to provide programming that interest the specific and unique group of students during a given academic year.

Vice President of Programming and PR Duties:

  • Coordinates and updates RHA's webpage and social media outlets
  • Collaborates monthly events
  • Contacting and interacting with Tech media and local media outlets as necessary
  • Being the contact person for RHA/Complex Council alumni

Vice President of Programming and PR Responsibilities:

  • Create and distribute the Toilet Times monthly
  • Maintain the RHA social media pages
  • Ddistribute general RHA advertisements
  • Update the RHA website
  • Help the Vice President of Campus Traditions and Leadership Development plan the RHA calendar

Vice President of Administration & Finances

More than any other position, the VPAF is interested in the organization aspects of RHA. The VPAF is the officer most intimately involved with keeping RHA ordered both through paperwork and bookkeeping, as well as financial opportunities that RHA can take as an organization. While this position has many more responsibilities than other positions, the majority of them are front-loaded on the early semester and are one-time tasks.

This person needs to be aware of the status of RHA so as not to allow any surprises to occur to the detriment of the organization. This person also aught to thoroughly enjoy the obvious business skills that are utilized by the position. Finally, the VPAF is someone who is committed to keeping RHA's goals feasible in accordance with the realities of any organization.

Vice President of Vice President of Administration & Finances Duties:

  • Provide the Senate and Executive Board with on report per month of account activities
  • Present a budget to the Senate and Executive Board a semester ahead of the current semester
  • Have monthly budget meeting with Advisors and President
  • Maintain accurate records of RHA spending and income
  • Sit on the Carol of Lights Committee
  • Put on one program per semester
  • Receive a semester budget from Complex Councils
  • Collect budget updates from Complex Councils upon request of RHA funding

Vice President of Vice President of Administration & Finances Responsibilities:

  • Organize RHA's equipment and storeroom
  • Keep minutes at Executive and Senate meetings
  • Create and update a ledger with the RHA's budget throughout the year

Vice President of External Relations and National Communications Coordinator

More than any other position, the VPE/NCC is someone who wishes to expand the message of RHA outside of Texas Tech. The VPE/NCC is expected to keep communication with the SWACURH region through meetings with other NCCs via online chat as well as represent Texas Tech in regional and national conferences.This person is expected to be someone comfortable in soliciting TTU RHA's interests and interacting with people while representing Texas Tech and the RHA as best as possible. As RHA's parlimentarian, this person should be familiar and comfortable with parlimentary procedure as outlined by Robert's Rules of Order.

Vice President of External Relations and National Communications Coordinator Duties:

  • Preside over the conference delegation.
  • Select coordination of delegates and create delegate packets.
  • Hold informational meetings about conferences.
  • Create a post-conference report for Senate that includes delegate names, costs, budget, accomplishments and suggestions.
  • Attend all conferences, to be paid for by RHA, as the voting delegate for Texas Tech RHA.
  • Represent RHA as the liaison to all off-campus organizations and businesses.
  • Provide monthly Texas Tech University updates though communication with other schools utilizing state, regional, and national list serves.
  • Report all pertinent information from affiliated organizations to the RHA Senate.
  • Act as liaison for SSLC and NRHH.
  • Act as the regional voting member for the Texas Tech University RHA

Vice President of External Relations and National Communications Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Have weekly meetings with all NCCs in the SWACURH region via online chat
  • Act as parliamentarian during Senate meetings
  • Plan and organize delegations for regional and national conferences


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