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Complex Council

Each Complex or Residence Hall houses a Complex Council, which is a subdivision of RHA. Every student is automatically a member of their Complex Council.  Complex Councils write legislation and proposals for individual complexes, provide social programming and work with the hall community to provide for their individual residents.  

Contact your hall office to find out when your Complex Council meets. You're already a member, so get involved and become a leader!

Officer Recruitment

Each year, over 100 students serve as elected officers in one of the 11 Complex Councils. Our biggest recruitment period for Complex Council executive officers takes place during the late summer and early fall semester- with elections taking place just after Labor Day. We invite any residence hall student to apply for a position as a Complex Council officer.

Applications will open in June and will continue as needed throughout the year.  

Officer Recruitment FAQ's

What are the qualifications to run for an officer position? 

  • Officers must live within the complex for which they are serving. 
  • Officers must be in good standing with Texas Tech University and with University Student Housing at the time of their election and throughout the duration of their term in office. 
  • Officers must not be employed by University Student Housing as a Community Adviser, or hold an Executive Board position within the Residence Halls Association.
  • Officers must maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of a 2.25 while in office. 
  • Officers will agree to the terms outlined in the leadership agreement provided by the advisers   
  • Officers, or officers elect, that are found in violation of a campus policy may be asked to meet individually with the Complex Council adviser to discuss the merits of the position. A judicial record within the university does not automatically disqualify the candidate. 
  • Officers should be able to commit a minimum of five hours per week to the success of the Complex Council     

Can I run for more than one position?

Yes, you can run for one, multiple, or all positions. We just encourage you to ensure you are willing an able to complete all of the assigned duties should you be elected. 

What if I am elected to more than one position? 

In the event that you are elected to more than one position, you would be offered the highest ranking position, according to your hall's Constitution. Subsequent positions would be offered to the individual with the second most number of votes. 

Are there any rules to my campaign? What are they?

There sure are. The campaign rules are established to help ensure a fair process for all candidates. 

  • Campaigning must adhere to policies outlined by University Student Housing and by the Center for Campus Life.  
  • Candidates may only campaign for themselves. Slates or team campaigning will not be permitted. 
  • Any posters or other printed materials must be submitted to the Complex Council adviser. Residence Life staff will hang any postings on behalf of the candidates. Candidates are only permitted to hang postings on their own room door following Housing fire code policy. 
  • Candidates may not distribute any homemade food items. 
  • Candidates must abide by University solicitation policy, which includes no door-to-door campaigning. 
  • For the general election occurring at the beginning of the year, campaigning may begin following the conclusion of the informational meeting conducted by the adviser. Throughout the rest of the academic year, campaigning may begin only after a formal application has been submitted. 

What is the time commitment to be an officer? Can I have a job at the same time? 

 Most officer positions take about 5 hours per week to successfully complete all of the assigned duties.  With some effective time management, you could easily manage an average course load (15 hours), a part time job, and Complex Council involvement. The President, and Vice Presidents, and RHA senators will meet a little more frequently than the Director level positions.  This provides you with a tiered opportunity to choose how involved you want to be. 

I'm studying abroad, and won't be on campus this spring. Can I still run for an officer position? 

Officers are elected for an academic year. You should plan to be available to serve on campus from August - May. 

I have questions about running for office. Can someone help me before I apply? 

You can email rha@ttu,edu, and we'd be happy to help. Each hall will also host an informational meeting in August. Applications are due shortly after the info meetings, so you can always ask your complex council adviser during that meeting as well. 

I see that the application requires me to upload a campaign flier. What needs to go on that flier? 

Fliers for all candidates are hung by Residence Life staff in the hall lobbies.  You should include any information that you think other students should know about you as they cast their votes.  We encourage you to include a photo, a list of your goals, and a listing of the position(s) that you are running for.  Some examples of past officer campaign posters are below. 



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