Residence Halls Association

About Us

The Residence Halls Association (RHA) serves as the voice for those students who live within the residence halls on campus.

We are the second-largest student organization at Texas Tech University, representing every student who lives on campus.

RHA provides programs and services to enhance the living environment in the residence halls. Some of the traditional programming we do includes: Safe Treat, Carol of Lights, and Drag Show.

Our non-traditional events cater to the entirety of on-campus residents and can range from awareness initiatives to campus-wide gaming contests. 

The main goals of RHA are:

  • to create awareness
  • to advocate for change
  • to provide programming

Above all, we want all residents to feel at home on campus! RHA offers a variety of opportunities to include social events, networking with faculty, staff and administrators, in addition to providing numerous leadership opportunities throughout the year.

Please contact your local Complex Council or the RHA office to see how to best get involved!

How We're Organized

RHA is made up of all the complexes and residence halls on campus. RHA funding comes from the residents. $7.50 from each resident's Room & Board fees goes into the RHA budget, which begins each semester. All residents are automatically part of the organization because RHA exists to advocate for resident needs.

For example, RHA conducted the research and sponsored the University's change to limitless laundry. 

Complex Councils are subdivisions of RHA. Each residence hall or complex has its own Complex Council which is responsible for its individual hall or complex. Funding for Complex Councils is also provided by $7.50 from student Boarding fees. Complex Councils conduct local meetings, advocate for in-hall improvements, and provides funding for in-hall programming.

Complex Councils each have at least one RHA senator who reports to RHA general assemblies. This senator expresses the opinions and concerns of their residence hall, thus advocating for you. RHA acts on the votes of the senate to conduct business and to best provide for all the residence halls on campus. 

Why YOU are our VIPs

Since RHA and Complex Council funding comes from your fees, we want YOU to be a part of what we do with YOUR money. 

All our programs and initiatives start with you. Without your participation, none of the amazing things provided by RHA would be possible. 


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events


Residence Halls Association