NRHH Diamond


What is NRHH?

NRHH is the premiere honorary dedicated to recognizing leaders in residence hall across the world.  As an organization, we are affiliated through the National Association of College and University Residence Halls.  NACURH, as an organization, believes that recognition is necessary in a strong Residence Hall community. On the national level, NRHH was founded in 1964 to recognize student leaders at universities.

NRHH chapters recognize top leaders that reside on campus through induction into their respective institution's chapter. Chapter membership is restricted to 1% of students living in the residence halls. Members are considered, once inducted, to be the Top 1% of residence hall leaders across the nation.

History of NRHH

NRHH was founded in 1964, in part, as a way for NACURH to provide more services to it's member schools. 

The years between 1977 and 1987 were years of growth for the NRHH. These are the years when items such as pins and certificates were produced to recognize the members of the honorary. Other current traditions also began during this time such as regional and national receptions during conferences and formal recruitment and affiliation processes. Regional boards established positions that better supported NRHH chapters, and those individuals in turn established new awards including Program, National Communications Coordinator, Advisor, Student, and Resident Assistant Of The Month Awards as well as the NRHH Outstanding Chapter of the Year.

Today, well over 200 chapters are affiliated with the honorary through the NACURH Information Center. In 2008, NRHH became more intertwined into the NACURH Corporate Structure by the addition of the NACURH Associate for the NRHH and Special Initiatives (NAN) to the NACURH Executive Board. Activities of the chapters vary from campus to campus. Some simply induct new members at an annual recognition banquet every year, thus, an honorary chapter. Others are extremely active on their campuses and in their communities, coordinating leadership retreats, conferences, socials, hall or campus wide programs, fund raisers, and a whole host of other events.

Membership selection is conducted by each individual chapter. The chapter members represent the top 1% of the student leaders on campus and are those who have contributed extraordinary amounts of personal time and energy in order to make the residence halls more than a "dorm."



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