Welcome to the Tech Steampunk Society's Homepage. This site serves as a gathering place for information and news on the club as well a gateway for new members. Now some of you may know what steampunk is, but I'm guessing that a large majority of people stopping by this site may have simply heard about it in passing. So, the question is, who are we? and what is Steampunk?

What is Steampunk?

At it's most basic level, Steampunk is An aesthetic movement based around the science fiction of a neo-victorian future that never happened. However I think that a it goes further than that. I think this quote by Joshua A. Pfeiffer  sums it up best.

"Steampunk simply embodies a time and a place. The time... the late 19th century. The place... a steam powered world, where air travel by fantastical dirigibles is as common as traveling by train or boat (or submarine). A place where national interests are vastly different than our own version of history. A place where the elegant and refined are as likely to get pulled into a grand adventure, as the workers, ruffians, and lower classes. A place where the idea of space travel is not so far fetched. A place where lost civilizations are found and lost again. A place where anything is possible, and science can be twisted to meet ones own ends. ”

The Steampunk genre, while fairly new, draws influences from far into the past. These influences include Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Nikola Tesla, and even Da Vinci. In the present the Aesthetic movement of steampunk is rapidly gaining popularity in pop culture and fashion. The color brown, lot's of leather, straps with buckles, all these are things coming from the growing steampunk movement.

The Tech Steampunk Society

So the Next question is, who are we and what do we do? The Tech Steampunk Society's first and foremost goal will always be to have a good time. Next to that though, we seek to further expand the Steampunk Movement and deeper explore its influences in 19th century.

We have plans to not only hold sessions on building Steampunk props and clothing, but also presentations on such steampunk themes as Queen Victoria, Hats in the 19th Century, and the British Colonies in Africa.  We will also be viewing numerous steampunk films and attending steampunk events throughout the state.

How do I Join?

The Tech Steampunk Society is open to all Faculty, Staff and Student who hold a Texas Tech ID. All you need to do is log into OrgSync using your TTU Username and Password and request to join the Organization. Once you have been approved by a Tech Steampunk Society Officer, then you will officially be part of the club. You can also click the following link: Join!


Cheers! and have a bloody good day!

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