The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at Texas Tech University is the governing body for all of the officially recognized multicultural fraternities and sororities on campus. Texas Tech University is excited to support these organizations and offer membership information for those interested in Fraternity/Sorority Life!

MGC is comprised of 15 organizations that each hold values true to their founding. These organizations are nationally recognized and exist at Texas Tech University to better serve the community. Our organizations contain men and women from the multicultural community and encourage all ethnic backgrounds. Come be a part of a community of leaders seeking to impact others through diverse work within each organization and as a whole.

The Multicultural Greek Council utilizes a process known as Membership Intake. This process is a bit quieter than recruitment but with the same goal in mind. Membership Intake serves as more of an interview process. Students demonstrate their interest in an organization by being actively involved in the events that the organization hosts. As the relationship develops, there is the potential to be asked to interview or attend a program that is necessary to gaining membership. After this, members go through their education element of their intake process.

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