Who Are We?

International Student Council (ISC) of Texas Tech University has a purpose to promote global understanding through events, advocacy, service, and student programming, so that, cross-cultural relationships may develop among international students, domestic students and the greater Lubbock community. Student growth and development through leadership is also a primary purpose of ISC. ISC is a unifying body for all international or cross-cultural student organizations at Texas Tech University.
We promote multicultural events and activities to all students. We advocate for international students and all multicultural programs. Moreover, some events that we held, show the local community about the richness of diversity in Texas Tech University.

One of our annual event is Worldwide Showcase. It is an international talent show aimed at increasing cultural awareness in the Lubbock and Texas Tech communities. The cultural performances showed diversity throughout the world that would be previously unknown to the Texas Tech and Lubbock communities. Worldwide Showcase has allowed students to show off their culture and pride for their backgrounds and gave many students a chance to link back to their roots. 

By giving the communities a chance to see differences in cultures and people, we move Texas Tech and the Lubbock communities to be more tolerant and understanding. SGC was able to come one step closer to achieving our goals of uniting international organizations, creating a home away from home for international students, and getting our organization better known throughout the Texas Tech and Lubbock community. 

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