About ASME


ASME is the largest single resource devoted to the development and dissemination of mechanical engineering information. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1880 as a nonprofit educational and technical society. Today, over a century later, the Society's main concern remains the in-depth coverage of mechanical engineering technology and its interpretation to the general public.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Texas Tech University is a student organization committed to preparing our students for life beyond college both academically and professionally, providing various networking opportunities for students and company representatives, and introducing students to companies in various industries through bi-weekly meetings and company presentations. 

For Companies

Our organization is here to serve you in a mutually beneficial way. Through events like company hosted information sessions, company tours, Raidergates and more, students get great exposure to your company. Many companies sponsor our events in exchange for the exposure and chances to meet with the best of the best that Texas Tech has to offer.

For Students

ASME is a great opportunity to get company exposure, meet other students in your major, and strive for various leadership opportunities which companies look for. We generally host a company info session every other week and there is always FREE FOOD!!! So why not join? Stop by the ASME/Pi Tau Sigma office (ME 129) right across from ME 132 and ask us about it!


Applications can be picked up from the door of the ASME office - National dues sometimes go on sale, check with us for current dues.

Typically, dues are as follows:
Freshman - National: Free     Chapter: $10
All others - National: $25     Chapter: $10

   *Proof with Online Printout - $10
   *Membership Expires on October 1st of every year.


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