Student Involvement

Student Organization's Funding

Provided by the Student Government Association

Any student organization which is open to all Texas Tech students regardless of race, creed, color, sex, marital status, national origin, age, sexual orientation or handicap is eligible for funding from the Student Service Fee. The Student Government Association decides on organization funding allocations during the spring semester. 

Organizational Funding Procedures

Please visit the SGA Website for details.

Organizations Considered for Funds Should Place Emphasis On

  • Bringing recognition to Texas Tech University
  • Recruiting activities
  • Providing cultural events
  • Encouraging minority involvement
  • Providing support for conventions and speakers
  • Providing for continuing projects
  • Enhancing the image of Texas Tech University

Organizations Specifically Excluded

  • Organizations not registered with the Center for Campus Life
  • Organizations significantly restricting membership
  • Organizations already receiving money from Student Service Fees
  • Honoraries whose sole purpose is individual recognition
  • Social organizations
  • Club Sports or Intramural Rec Teams

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