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Event Planning Detailed Timeline

1. Goal setting and program development

     A) Determine the purpose of the program (what goals is the event trying to accomplish). Be clear what you hope to achieve by hosting this event.

     B) Who is the audience that the event is trying to target? What will the audience need to know? What will spark the intended audience's interest in your event?

     C) Is there an adequate amount of time to prepare for this event?

     D) How does this program meet the mission of the student organization?

2. Choose a date

Visit the Texas Tech University Academic Calendar, and Athletics Calendar to see if the event conflicts with events other groups are hosting, which can affect attendance. All registered student organizations can add events to the Student Organization's OrgSync Calendar and check for any conflicts on this calendar.

3. Location

     A) Estimate the attendance for the event

     B) Choose a location that is accessible for all members and potential guests attending the event.

          i) Will the event be open to the public?

          ii) Will the event only be accessible to Texas Tech students, faculty or staff?

     C) Consider Audio/Visual/Computer needs for the event

     D) If the event is outside, consider a back up location during adverse weather conditions

     E) Reserve the location as soon as possible to avoid any scheduling conflicts

     F) All requests to use the outside space on Texas Tech property must go through the Outdoor Event Coordinating Committee. Submit an application for the event and attend the meeting for this committee.

     G) Registered student organizations can reserve rooms in the Student Union Building, and other academic buildings on campus for meetings or other events.  Student organizations may choose Top Tier Catering or the Take Out Menu from the Union Plaza in order to have food catered in the SUB. 

     H) Will the location fit the audio/visual needs?

     I) Reservations for academic buildings are made on-line. Academic buildings are not available for student organization use during the weekends.

4. Evaluate the Risks of Holding the Event

     A) Can the event cause physical harm to participants and guests attend the event?

     B) Could hosting the event lead to a negative reputation for the current members and the student organization?

     C) Will this event affect the relationship that the organization has with other groups in the community?

     D) Will the event affect the monetary stability of the organization?

     E) What is the likelihood that this event could cause any property damage?

     F) Should security be used for crowd control depending on the number of attendees?

5. Requesting a speaker, performer, or entertainer

     A) An official written request for an entertainer, performer, or speaker must be made in writing.

     B) The entertainer, performer, or speaker should be given ample amount of time to prepare for the event (6-8 weeks).

6. Marketing and Publicizing the Event

     A) There are many free avenues that student organization can promote their event.

          i) Tech Announce - Is available to all registered organizations and sent out daily to the Texas Tech community during the fall and spring semesters.

          ii) Student Organization Weekly - is sent out each Friday during all of the users through OrgSync. Please email for events to be included in Student Orgs Weekly. All requests must be received before 5pm on Thursday before the event.

          iii) Calendar tool through OrgSync, which is another way to promote an event your organization is hosting to the Texas Tech community.

     B) Consider advertisements in the Daily Torreador, or a news release from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

7. Hosting the Event -

     A) Is there any signage required for the event?

     B) Are programs/printed speeches given to the speakers before the event? If catering is involved, where will the food go?

     C) Are there any gifts that should be given to the speakers, entertainer, or performer?

     D) Has security or the Texas Tech Police Department been notified about the event for crowd control purposes?

     E) Is there a first aid kit available?

     F) Is the event accessible to those with certain disabilities?

     G) If cleanup is needed, make sure there is enough staff or volunteers to complete this. It should be predetermined who does set up and take down before the event occurs.

8. Assess and Evaluate the Event -

     A) An assessment or evaluation of the event should be done to determine if the event should take place in the future, and recommend any changes that might improve the event.

     B) Some factors to consider as a part of the assessment or evaluation:

          i) Was the event at a safe and secure location?

          ii) Did the vendors act appropriately during the event?

          iii) Were the date and time of the event appropriate?

          iv) How as transportation to and from the event handled?

          v) Did the event meet the goals or learning outcomes of the student organization?

          vi) What type of feedback could be collected to make the event better for those that attended? There are various ways through OrgSync that can help your organization collect meaningful data for event improvement. Please contact for more information.

          vii) Did the organization spend more or less money than what was budgeted for the event?

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