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Event Planning Steps

The Center for Campus Life is a great resource for student organizations that plan events on and off campus. The following is a list of tips to consider when planning an event for your student organization.

Details to Consider:

  • Goals of the program and how it fits with your student organization's goals
  • When the event will take place
  • Where the event will be held
  • Determine the cost of hosting the event
  • Evaluate and assess the risks and liability associated with the event
  • Estimate expected attendance of the event
  • Establish criteria to assess the event

Event Planning Process:

1. Determine the program goals.

2. Formulate a budget and obtain funding for the event.

     A.) Determine the expected cost.

     B.) Will fundraising be required?

     C.) Can the student organization partner with other organizations or get a sponsor to help offset the cost?

     D.) Are the current funds that the student organization has enough to cover all the costs of the event?

3. Select an event speaker, performer, or other entertainer.

4. Select a time, date and location for the event.

5. Evaluate the risks of holding the event.

6. Reserve space for the event and fill out all necessary applications/forms.

     A.) If reserving a space on university ground outside, then an application for Ground Use/Solicitation Request must be made.

     B.) If food is being served at your event the appropriate food form needs to be filled out.

7. Prepare for and publicize the event. As a registered student organization, there are several free ways of publicizing your organization's event.

     A.) Tech Announce

     B.) Student Orgs Weekly

8. Host the event.

9. Assess and evaluate the event.

Student organizations are encouraged to meet with staff from the Center of Campus Life for additional guidance and support during the event planning process.

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